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a) At smedenpoort

Practice for Osteopathy Bruges (Yves Warrinnier)

Sint-Maartensbilk 1
8000 Bruges

b) In Assebroek

Sparrenstraat 72

8310 Assebroek


+32 (0)478 / 90 66 86


shiatsu room

Duration of a Shiatsu treatment

One treatment is approximately 60 minutes. It is always proceded by a short introducting talk and followed by a relaxation of approximately 10 minutes and a reflection. Therefore, in total 90 minutes should be scheduled for one visit.


one treatment 60 €

series of six treatments 300 €

Shiatsu at home

shiatsu gift

It is also possible to enjoy a Shiatsu treatment at home.

In this case, we ask additionally 15 € per treatment.

Only a free space of approx 2 x 3 meters in a well heated room is required; the Shiatsu mat will be brought to your place.

Gift certificates

Like massage, a Shiatsu treatment can also be simply enjoyed. Therefore it is a wonderful present for oneself of another person.

Gift certificates are available on request.

Other recommended bodywork in Bruges:

Osteopathy: Yves Warrinnier

Kinesist: Robert Dirks

Oil massage: Heinz Verschaeve