How does a Shiatsu treatment look like?

shiatsu treatment 1

During a Shiatsu treatment you lie on a comfortable mat dressed on your belly, back or side. The practitioner applies with his hands, thumbs, elbows or knees pressure to the surface of the body and the different muscular tissues under it to release tensions effectively by the principle of pressure and counter pressure. Joints are mobilized and loosened up and muscles are stretched and relaxed.

shiatsu treatment 2

Typically for Shiatsu is that always the whole body is treated – or better: of the whole being, since we are much more than the physical body! -, and that this treatment happens always fluently and rhythmically. In this manner the symptoms of diseases are considered, but not declared to the centre of the treatment. The focus of Shiatsu is less directed on fighting the negative, but rather on strengthening the positive. The free flow of the own energy and the own immune and regenerative systems are harmonized and supported. Symptoms of diseases lose their necessity and fade away.

Action in inaction

Even if this description may have depicted the practitioner in a pretty active manner, being is much more important than doing. “Action in inaction” is an expression in Shiatsu. There is no mechanical “working” of the body. Consciousness, awareness and empathy are important cornerstones of every treatment.

Each Shiatsu treatment is unique and is an unusual opportunity to meet one self. This encounter opens new perspectives regarding the inner and the outer world.

After a Shiatsu treatment quite often one feels like after a very deep, refreshing sleep or after returning from an inspiring journey into another and yet very well-known world.


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